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March 4, 2018
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Are You Headaches With Cockroach Problem ??

How does Anti Cockroach Plywood work?”

The printed/lacquer surface is contact repellent. When a cockroaches comes in contact or within 500mm close to the surface, the repellent compound stimulates the nerves of the cockroach and prevents it from resting or colonizing on the board.

For ants, this works upon direct contact between the ant and the lacquer surface. Ecological. Contains no toxins to protect and keep you safe. Natural.

The repellent substance is an all natural compound derived from plants. It contains natural cockroach and ant repellent; which means it does not kill them but rather, it repels them and keeps them away from your home. Safe. Meets the highest safety standards and is tested by a third party to ensure there is no harmful substances.

Containing natural cockroach and ant repellent, PrinBord Anti Cockroach Plus is safe enough to build kitchens where contact with food is high. Odourless. It has virtually no smell, making it especially suitable for kitchens.

Long Life Span. Enjoy a 3-year warranty.

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